About Dubbo Regional Council

The Dubbo Regional Council is a local government area located in the Central West and Orana regions of New South Wales, Australia. It comprises an area of 7,536 square kilometres, a population of over 50,000 and occupies part of the central western plains of New South Wales.

Dubbo Regional Council


  • Full upgrade of the council’s two-way radio system
  • Five site (seven base station) Simoco Xd DMR Tier III system in VHF hi-band
  • Reveloc AVL, eight desktop radios, 150 600-series mobiles, 24 700-series portables with man down and GPS, all to support council operations
  • Installation services (including decommissioning and disposal of the legacy Tait system), a full training program (operational end users, operations support and system administration), and maintenance contract including annual PMI