By offering complete customisation and a non-proprietary approach we aim to ensure organisations have the best technologies in place to support their business and operational objectives. By doing so, we believe effective communication networks can underpin the essential services of a modern economy and its citizens.

We offer organisations:
  • Ultra-deep domain knowledge
    We have been experts in delivering mission-critical communications for nearly a century. We have led the development of new radio protocols and standards into the digital era, so have helped to shape the communications landscape in which you operate. Our deep domain knowledge is relied upon by governments and many industry sectors to deliver solutions that help grow and improve modern economies and society.
  • Complete custom-fit solutions
    We develop and manufacture our own products, in some cases the first to comply with new radio standards – but we are also experts in developing custom-fit solutions incorporating equipment from other leading vendors. Our vendor and technology-agnostic approach means you can be sure of achieving the best solution for your unique needs.
  • Fully flexible service
    Our expertise spans products, solutions and consultancy, from initial project design through to post-implementation support. Whichever elements you need – or don’t need – our flexible service puts you at the forefront.