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Local Government

Local governments are under great pressure to do more with less. The unification of multiple communication channels and engagement with new digital technologies can achieve this.

Central Government

We help central governments bring simplicity and efficiency to some of the most complex and dynamic workforces in the world.


By unifying voice and data, we enable healthcare organisations to integrate new technologies and patient data with the crystal-clear voice communications they need to deliver outstanding care.


Dust, noise, changing user groups and environments are just some of the challenges involved in building efficient communications on construction sites. We are experts in meeting these challenges.


Keeping huge numbers of visitors connected and safe is rarely easy – but we can make it efficient, cost-effective and simple to manage.
Local Government
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Making the grade: TETRA powers critical communications in an educational setting

Stockport College
Stockport College is a large educational institute that educates over 7,000 students each year. Our TETRA-G2 carrier system proved the perfect framework for a network enabling staff to communicate with each other on the go.

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Goal achieved: A digital communications network with an IP backbone

Adelaide Oval
Adelaide Oval has enjoyed a proud history as one of Australia’s premier sporting and entertainment venues for more than 140 years. We built it an interoperable digital radio system to allow reliable communication across the entire site.

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