Our Smart ethos and approach to critical communications brings together disparate technologies, devices, platforms and protocols to deliver truly smart, unified networks. Organisations across a variety of sectors, from national governments to utility providers, trust us to handle their mission-critical voice and data, as well as additional communication requirements, today and as they grow in the future.

Smart UtilitiesSmart Utilities

Smart Utilities

Utilities providers are under pressure to deliver the smart grids of the future, using a variety of technologies to respond to changing energy demands. They need the resilience and robustness to deal with outages and grid disruptions, rapidly identifying where on the network problems are situated. And as demands for distributed generation, renewable energy sources and new oil and gas networks drive new business models and regulatory policies, organisations need secure communications infrastructures to remain compliant, agile and efficient.

Smart TransportationSmart Transportation

Smart Transportation

Transport organisations, whether on the ground or in the air, need to stay connected. Airports need to keep vast workforces communicating clearly in the midst of ever tighter security challenges. Keeping road networks safe and operational requires communication technologies that can cope in noisy, dirty and polluted environments while rail operators must transmit and integrate data between on-board systems and control rooms in order to deliver smarter transport networks.

Smart Government & InfrastructureSmart Government & Infrastructure

Smart Government & Infrastructure

Government and infrastructure organisations undertake a huge variety of projects incorporating very different communication challenges. Whether delivering to the needs of multiple user groups on dusty, noisy and ever-changing construction sites, or developing intelligent parking systems as part of the shift to smart cities, spending will always come under intense scrutiny and future-proofing is an absolute must.

Smart Public SafetySmart Public Safety

Smart Public Safety

Public safety organisations, whether blue light, amber light or voluntary organisations, need reliable communications that remain reliable in emergency situations. Speed, clarity, accuracy and audibility are paramount – but so too is the ability to scale in keeping with rapidly growing populations, and to incorporate data-led features such as high level encryption, telemetry and GPS applications.