Local Government

Local governments are under greater pressure than ever before to do more with less. Devolution of powers means that more services need to be managed and delivered, funding pressures mean that efficiency and cost-effectiveness is paramount, and as the Internet of Things (IoT) and new mobile internet protocols gather pace, the burden of balancing innovation with austerity is heavy.

Multiple communication channels can enable local governments to coordinate and streamline their disparate departments, but these need centralised, unified management to be effective.

What is our approach?

Simoco Wireless Solutions has a rich heritage of designing and delivering unified communications networks across the entire public sector, from emergency and blue light organisations to national government. Local government is often at the core of complex public sector projects. We understand the highly complex and dynamic nature of local government, and the necessity of balancing the needs of citizens and service users with local government employees and contractors.

What are the results?

Whether you are looking to create effective communications channels between remote local government workers and central offices, to develop an efficient and secure public Wi-Fi offering, or to forge better links between disparate local government services and departments, Simoco Wireless Solutions will design a unified communications solution to suit.

We can help you enhance workforce communications by delivering next-generation digital voice communications, with options for enhanced functionality like multiple user groups and integration with other platforms. We can help your citizens and service users to access high-speed internet for the effective delivery of critical information and the management of services from benefits and housing arrangements to healthcare and education.

All of this is delivered by teams with vast experience of working in complex environments and buildings, so that historic local government buildings are no barrier to future-proofed converged communications solutions.

Assisting the modernisation of local governments with best in breed communications technology

Local Government
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modernisation of local governments with best in breed communications technology