For the ambulance service, communications really are a matter of life and death. Communications between paramedics, ambulance dispatchers and healthcare centres need to be absolutely clear and audible and patching between services needs to effortless. As new technologies develop to support the ambulance service, Simoco Wireless Solutions enables ambulance services to be best-placed to take advantage of these – without having to make substantial additional investments in their communications infrastructures.

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Internet of Things / Edge Computing

Stable connectivity requires a seamless connection that remains undisturbed despite the location. Simoco’s unique intelligent communication solution, Velocity transforms communications for the ambulance industry. Velocity provides a converged communication network of multiple bearers and provides a host of connectivity options such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Ethernet LAN ensuring voice and data will always get through.

Professional Mobile

Simoco’s consultative approach means that ambulance agencies across the world benefit from radio systems that work according to their operational requirements rather than an off the shelf solution. As a manufacturer, Simoco can produce bespoke hardware that meets the precise needs of customers. Extending coverage quickly in emergency situations is critical and Simoco offers products, such as portable repeaters, that enhance communications in key operational areas.


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Ambulance services are constantly under pressure to improve the quality of care provided, create efficiency and ensure patient's safety. With Velocity, Simoco Wireless Solutions provides an innovative new way to connect patients, ambulance workers and remote medical experts in real-time. Watch the video to learn more.

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