The water industry worldwide is facing the threat of climate change, renewed government focus on long-term sustainability and pressure to manage fresh water supplies and manage waste water for growing populations. Sustainable water distribution means minimising cost and wastage and introducing intelligent ways of protecting the environment, while growing customer bases require networks that can stretch and scale. All of this has to be achieved while maximising safety and maintaining reliability.

Smart technologies are available that can help identify leaks and monitor and control water treatment and distribution plans, but these must be integrated seamlessly with older technologies for water providers’ networks to run smoothly.

What is our approach?

Simoco Wireless Solutions understands that water companies are often data-rich but information-poor. As such, we deliver unified communications networks that deliver exact information from a diverse range of areas, from sewage overflows to reservoirs, granting water providers the highest level of practical insights from across their networks.

In this way, smart unified communications networks form the centre of sustainable water distribution.

What are the results?

Unifying all communications over a private secure network empowers water companies to drive efficiencies while simultaneously reducing costs. New smart technologies, for example, can be used to help identify leaks and monitor and control water treatment and distribution plants. Simoco Wireless Solutions can also integrate elements like our own Pulse telemetry solution with other forms of communication, delivering highly sophisticated yet streamlined architectures.

Simoco Wireless Solutions delivers these communications networks by unifying technologies such as Pulse – combined voice and data over DMR, Ethernet radio networks, LTE and cellular services, microwave and other IP-based technologies.

With Simoco Wireless Solutions, the vast amount of data generated by your network is translated into practical insight for building a better business. You can be confident in delivering a consistent supply, reducing costs associated with leaks and disruption, and introducing the innovation and streamlining needed to meet sustainability targets.

Features / Benefits

  • Migration from disparate legacy networks to a private, unified communications network, capable of integrating a growing number of technologies
  • Improved scalability, allowing your network to meet growing demands
  • Guarantee of robust and reliable communication networks ready for any eventuality
  • Increased security, protecting your network from threats


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