Today’s railway, metro and tram networks require customised communications programmes that go beyond voice to provide location tracking, data transmission and integration between on-board systems and control rooms. This means that communications for railways are no longer based purely on voice, but are data-driven, incorporating multiple different technologies and protocols.

Maintaining smooth and efficient passenger flow through rail environments is a crucial challenge, and one that requires staff from multiple functions to be able to communicate clearly with each other. Meanwhile, rail organisations need to deliver a high-end passenger experience in order to remain competitive, which may mean data-rich add-on services such as WiFi.

Managing this multiplicity requires a unified, integrated approach to communications – one that can flex and grow as railways add new services and reach out to new customers.

What is our approach?

Simoco Wireless Solutions for the rail industry brings capabilities that enable comprehensive and spectrum efficient coverage across wide operational areas. Open standards based design philosophy means that radio communications can not only perform as part of a unified communications approach but, through technology such as DMR, can provide the backbone for all data transmission and management. This means that existing infrastructure can often be relied upon to bring the benefits of next generation communications solutions such as M2M technologies.

We put passenger experience at the heart of everything we do – just like you.

What are the results?

Train operators benefit from enhanced capability such as using radio to facilitate paperless office environments, where rotas and regulations are available to access on the radio terminal, plus location and messaging applications. They achieve the comprehensive visibility and clear communications across their physical environments necessary for supporting smooth passenger flow, and can easily develop innovative new services to deliver a top-quality passenger experience.

Simoco Wireless Solutions field-based teams provide monitoring and maintenance services trusted by rail operators across the world to deliver best in class communications and customer experiences.

Features / Benefits

  • A unified communications network for all voice and data requirements – today and into a digitally-driven future
  • Rapid identification of any problems on the network, with easy isolation
  • Faster and more streamlined control of track operations through enhanced data capabilities
  • Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) systems allow not only asset location, but also the ability to build an historic view of performance and provide a better customer experience.