In an era of funding restrictions and a growing, aging population, the healthcare sector is under immense pressure to reform, drive efficiencies and reduce costs. Simultaneously, digital technologies are having a great impact in how healthcare is delivered, and environments like hospitals need to process more digital data than ever before.

These complex, high-pressure environments incorporate multiple communication channels, which need centralised, unified management.

What is our approach?

Simoco Wireless Solutions has a vast pedigree in designing communications networks that enable hospitals and other healthcare environments to unify voice and data on single centralised infrastructures. We consider the needs of both staff and patients, enabling more efficient and cost-effective service delivery.

What are the results?

Converged communications and application development can enhance healthcare services and processes and improve ways of working to transform service user experiences.

Simoco Wireless Solutions will help you meet the need to improve workforce communications through digital voice communications that cater for multiple user groups and offer functionality such as emergency call prioritisation, voice recording and integration with other platforms such as paging, Wi-Fi and emergency services communications.

Health sector environments are varied, covering large areas and multiple buildings. Designing systems architecture to meet the challenges involved in establishing radio communications in locations such as basements and maintenance areas requires expertise. Our site survey team inspects individual environments, designing infrastructure that takes account of the location as well as the possible impact of RF on healthcare equipment. With unrivalled experience in confined space engineering, we can engineer comprehensive radio coverage in complex spaces.

Our digital solutions support the healthcare sector with advanced functionality such as GPS to track workers or assets, remote monitoring and M2M communications. Dispatchers can raise and track the status of jobs through our task management systems, controlling workflow and maximising resources.