System Integration

Once you have chosen and designed a new communications infrastructure for your organisation, you might expect the integration to be the easy part. But there are numerous challenges to be overcome.

Organisations need to ensure that all aspects of your technology integrate seamlessly with legacy systems, so that no reliability is sacrificed, no data is lost and no previous investments are wasted. You need to enable different hardware and software from different vendors to work together, without locking you into particular providers for decades to come. And depending on the nature of your organisation, you may need to work with complex or even hostile environments, from confined spaces to old buildings and even underground locations.

Simoco Wireless Solutions has an unparalleled history in responding to all of these challenges. Our approach to systems integration considers your legacy technologies and systems, the suppliers you are working with – and may work with in the future – and the physical environment in which you operate.

Confined spaces including, tunnels, mines, station platforms or other subterranean areas with unique propagation characteristics require specialist knowledge, and our experience in this field includes the provision of radio coverage for any or all of the following: PMR, Trunked PMR, Tetra, GSM/PCN, paging (Public or Private), Public Broadcast and Emergency/Security Services.