The multi-tenant nature of airports means that communications are at the centre of achieving successful, safe and on-time operations – and these communications need to deal with a wide variety of different environments. From refuelling areas to air traffic control, hospitality and duty free to security, airports require communications that can handle complex combinations of voice and data. Meanwhile, the demands for robust security and rapid incident response are changing and growing daily.

Airport communications challenges are not just focused on staff. Delivering an outstanding passenger experience, and maintaining smooth passenger flow throughout the airport are also essential.

All this demands a wide variety of different communications technologies, which somehow need to be unified and centralised.

What is our approach?

Simoco Wireless Solutions experience and capabilities in systems design is used by airport operators across the world to realise integrated communications across multiple radio systems as well as diverse groups of users.

Our consultative approach considers the needs of all radio users and how airport geography will influence systems architecture in these varied environments. We know that passenger experience is just as important as employee efficiency, and that customer-focused services such as WiFi sit at the heart of this.

What are the results?

From intrinsically safe devices for use in refuelling areas, to interoperable systems for air traffic control, the solutions provided meet the individual system and hardware requirements of the many different personnel within an airport. Crucially, these solutions work together to provide centralised management and control of the airport’s entire communications infrastructure, and to support smooth passenger flow throughout the airport.

Integration with other systems, such as those used by public safety services, ensures that communications in the event of an emergency are easily and efficiently managed. The ability to patch through ground to air radio gives operators increased insight to plan fast turnaround and increase the efficiency and safety of ramp operations.

Simoco Wireless Solutions goes beyond voice to offer M2M, GPS and telemetry services that monitor and automate responses to keep operators informed and able to measure performance across a range of processes. We can integrate digital radio with a range of other platforms and applications offering airport operators real-time, fully unified communications solutions.

Features / Benefits

  • A unified communications network for all voice and data requirements – today and into a digitally-driven future
  • Rapid identification of any problems on the network, with easy isolation
  • Easy patching of ground to air radio, driving faster turnaround and more efficient ramp operations
  • Faster and more streamlined emergency response
  • Hardware and software that operate within the strict safety regulations of environments such as refuelling areas and air traffic control