MORF (Modular Off-Road Radio Facility)

Where you have a mobile fire and rescue or forestry team in remote rural areas, carrying out dangerous work you cannot afford to compromise on safety. You need mission critical radio to be able to communicate within the team and back to the command and control centre and, most likely, you are out of range of fixed radio networks and certainly without access to cellular networks.

You may have a mix of analogue and digital P25 radios, especially so where you have teams from different areas. What’s more, the team’s deployment may be temporary; to deal with a natural disaster, a forest fire, logging activities, mining or civil engineering projects.

To respond to these challenges Simoco developed the next generation MORF (Mobile Off-Road Radio Facility), the world’s first trailer-based radio network to integrate analogue and digital P25 with cellular LTE to enable IP connectivity back to a fixed land mobile radio (LMR) network without any audio degradation irrespective of the number of hops involved when daisy chaining the equipment.

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Simoco MORF

MORF Trailer
Simoco MORF is a ground breaking off road radio mobile repeater solution for organisations and public safety agencies requiring the availability of critical communications in remote regions.

We can tailor the solution bespokely to meet your organisation's requirement.

Why Simoco MORF

Mobile network deployment

Mobile network deployment

The idea of a rapidly deployable light weight radio network on wheels makes economical sense where coverage is naturally limited in remote areas. Simoco's MORF essentially operates as a deployable mobile network on wheels. We can work with you to help build the right configuration of trailer for your specific needs.

Multiple radio networks

Use of multiple radio networks and bearers

MORF enables multiple radio users to communicate across different platforms of radio such as P25 or analogue, conventional and trunked. MORF also has the ability to turn, relay audio and in-band data back to a central point over public LTE 4G or 5G networks, saving the cost of using satellite communications.

Deployable in remote regions

Deployable in remote regions

MORF can be deployed without the reliance of other networks or external connectivity enabling deployment in remote regions and often in vast terrains.

Critical communications

Critical communications wherever you want

MORF provides 24/7 critical communications for your operational personnel in an array of situations such as bush fires, floods and emergencies.

Simoco MORF: The rapidly deployable radio network on wheels

This white paper explores the importance of rapid deployable radio network on wheels which can strategically be positioned in diverse geographic areas and provide instant communications without spending huge amounts of investment in typical fixed infrastructure that would otherwise be needed.

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