Communications are at the heart of safe and productive operations in remote and underground mining environments. Systems architecture and the nature of operations are complex and highly specialised. Operators need systems and technologies that can withstand harsh conditions and provide reliable and safe links for their workforces.

Being able to react quickly to emergencies and identify potential problems is critical, not just to maintain operations but to safeguard workers in the event of an emergency. But innovation and efficiency is also essential under normal operations if mining companies are to stay ahead in an increasingly competitive landscape.

What is our approach?

Simoco Wireless Solutions is an established expert in unifying divergent, complex and highly specialised technologies, enabling mining companies to take advantage of new communications functionality while also delivering to the robust safety standards and harsh environmental conditions they have always faced.

Our expertise in confined space engineering and radiating coax technology are trusted to deliver comprehensive coverage and high performing unified communications We combine our manufacturing, systems development and consultancy expertise to offer bespoke voice and data technologies that meet the gruelling needs of mining operators around the world.

What are the results?

Private and secure unified communications networks mean that mining companies can monitor and manage their operations across broad areas, including highly constricted and challenging environments. Remote monitoring services, alarm and broadcast capabilities limit the threat of shutdown and save lives in emergency scenarios, while new digital solutions, such as Simoco DMR, bring new functionality to increase capacity and integrate a broad range of communication such as SCADA and telemetry services.

Simoco Wireless Solutions works on all stages of the unified communications journey, from system design and planning, through implementation and delivery of infrastructure projects on a massive scale, to ongoing maintenance and support.

Features / Benefits

  • Voice and data unified across a single sophisticated communications network that can incorporate serial, Ethernet and PMR radio as well as mesh and LTE technologies
  • Management and control across the entire mining environment, even in harsh and confined conditions
  • Swift identification of where any problems on the network are situated
  • Rapid response to emergency situations, improving health and safety processes


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