Internet of Things (IoT) Overview

The Internet of Things or IoT is a concept that has been around for well over a decade. What is IoT and why is it a major talking point? The Internet of Things is a huge and rapidly growing ecosystem resulting from the embedding of IP connectivity in ordinary devices or ‘things’. The broad aim is to capture previously untapped data from across this infrastructure and to turn this data into tangible insights and actions, some of which may even be automated in nature. For example, smart grids in the utilities industry involve placing sensors throughout the grid in order to track energy usage and grid performance, and in turn more efficiently manage both the energy output and the maintenance of the grid itself.

Adding Internet connectivity to your existing networks is the gateway for a truly unified communications infrastructure, where multiple communications channels and information sources are transmitted across the same network and the same devices. This is easier and more cost-effective to manage, and means that employees only need a single device for multiple communications tasks.

Simoco's IoT solutions will help your organisation bridge the gap between possibility and reality. We will do this by providing your organisation a revolutionary all in one intelligent communications platform that will unleash the full potential of IoT.

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Combine your technologies into a single platform with solutions to help you transform to an IoT enabled future-ready organisation.

Velocity EC-800

Velocity is the next generation of smart solutions that provides reliable mission critical applications in the public safety, transportation, utilities and government sectors.

We have a wide portfolio of IoT products that can connect you at high LTE speeds.

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Improve your business operations with our end-to-end IoT portfolio

Trusted expertise

Trusted expertise

For decades customers have relied on our expertise for designing, building and managing their solutions. We offer IoT solutions and services tailored to the individual requirements of each industry to help achieve desired business outcomes.

Reliable and resilient infrastructure

Reliable and resilient infrastructure

We provide organisations IoT solutions which transmit mission-critical voice and data smartly and securely, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our networks are among the world’s biggest, keeping devices connected across borders and on the move, in some of the industry’s most challenging environments.


An IoT platform that puts you in control

Choosing the right IoT platform is vital for the success of your business initiatives. Our IoT platform provides flexbility to build solutions that is specific to your industry, allows you to deploy and scale your solutions quickly, reduce down time and help integrate with other core business systems.

Edge Computing

Accelerate business outcomes with our edge computing solutions designed to deliver high levels of flexibility and enables organisations to move beyond traditional connectivty models creating a single unified integrated ecosystem.


Leverage IoT to start driving results in your industry

Connected Police

We empower police officers with IoT solutions in order to protect and serve communities.

Connected Firefighter

Providing IoT technology solutions for firefighters in mission critical scenarios where safety and responding to incidents timely is paramount.

Connected Ambulance

Discover how our IoT solutions are revolutionising care inside and outside the ambulance.

Connected Bus

Our cutting edge IoT solutions increase operational efficiencies and enhance passenger experience for bus companies.

Connected Cash and valuables in transit (CIVT)

Providing intelligent IoT technology solutions in order for CIVT organisations to safeguard customers' cash and valuables.

Connected Wind farms

Equipping the renewables industry with advanced IoT solutions in order to expand possibilities with intelligent, secure and reliable communications.

Connected Rail

Transforming the rail sector by providing a converged network at the train, trackside and station.

Connected Mining

Realise the 'connected mine' vision by building a smarter, safe and more productive mines with our revolutionary wireless technology.

Connected Councils

Benefit from the possibilities of greater insights and analytics, greater data sharing within and outside councils to help make better informed decisions.

Connected Buildings

Providing organisations connected technologies to create sustainable buildings


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