Fire officers face some of the harshest conditions on the planet. Their communications technology needs to be able to withstand extreme heat, remain operational in confined spaces and audible through masses of background noise and interference. Simoco Wireless Solutions ensures that fire personnel can continue communicating reliably and securely no matter where they are operating.

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Internet of Things / Edge Computing

With Velocity on board a fire truck, you obtain an effetictive on-board communication system that provides reliability when firefighters need it most. Firefighters can connect either through radio devices for mission critical communication or use smartphones and tablets to access critical information over the best bearer. This results in keeping the entire fire ground connected, regardless of roles, locations or devices that are used.

Professional Mobile Radio

Reliable radio communications are vital for firefighters operating in harsh environments. We offer a range of rofessional mobile radio solutions including transportable rapid deployment repeaters designed to ensure firefighters can collaborate more effectively and carry out their tasks more safely.


Connected Fire Brochure

Providing technology solutions for firefighters in mission critical scenarios where safety and responding to incidents timely is paramount.
Connected Firefighter

Connected Fire Video

Firefighters risk their lives daily to ensure the safety of the public. They need fast, reliable communications with clear audio, the ability to transfer data and situational awareness to help them plan their response and be ready for the unexpected. Watch the video to learn more.

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