Fire officers face some of the harshest conditions on the planet. Their communications technology needs to be able to withstand extreme heat, remain operational in confined spaces and audible through masses of background noise and interference. But the fire service’s communication challenges don’t end there – it is also imperative that lines of communication between personnel out on the roads, emergency service dispatchers and central stations are clear and efficient.

These multiple communication channels need to be unified and integrated if fire services are to remain efficient and cost-effective – now more than ever before.

What is our approach?

Simoco’s consultative approach means that emergency services and public safety agencies across the world benefit from radio systems that work according to their operational requirements rather than an off the shelf solution. As a manufacturer, Simoco can produce bespoke hardware that meets the precise needs of customers. Extending coverage quickly in emergency situations is critical and Simoco offers products, such as portable repeaters, that enhance communications in key operational areas.

Using an IP backbone delivers interoperability across multiple user groups, systems and platforms. The delivery of standards based systems mean that organisations aren’t locked into proprietary solutions that restrict growth and operations. Simoco’s switchless product offering means that public safety organisations benefit from flexible low cost systems.

Simoco offers future proof services that can integrate data and connectivity to support the wide range of functions required by today’s public service agencies, going beyond voice to encompass features such as high level encryption, telemetry, data applications and GPS. With global industry experience and legislative knowledge Simoco is relied upon by the public safety sector to provide and manage best in class critical communications.

What are the results?

Industrial or residential, high-rise or bungalow, extreme temperatures and highly restrictive environments – Simoco Wireless Solutions ensures that fire personnel can continue communicating reliably and securely no matter where they are operating. Background noise and interference are drastically reduced, so as emergency situations unfold, fire officers on the ground can still be sure of clear lines of communication with each other and back with head office.