Globally, electricity providers are under pressure to create the smart grids of tomorrow while simultaneously delivering reliable and continuous power to rapidly growing populations. Smart grids mean that data is an increasingly important part of the mission-critical communications mix, while new applications require new services and protocols. Meanwhile, should outages or grid disruptions occur, electricity providers need to be able to rapidly identify and isolate those problems.

These disparate demands require disparate technologies, all of which need to be unified across potentially huge geographical areas.

What is our approach?

Simoco Wireless Solutions understands how to connect complex and divergent technology together, enabling electricity providers to control critical infrastructure from power generation through to distribution, customer care and communication.

We bring together new technologies from remote telemetry units and field area networks to front end applications, unifying them seamlessly with existing voice-driven and legacy technologies.

What are the results?

Private and hybrid secure unified communications networks enable electricity providers to monitor and control field operations across often widely dispersed areas, by delivering the insight needed to ensure consistent supply and improved asset performance. You can benefit from smart grid management and control functionality while delivering the consistent reliability your customers expect.

Unified communications from Simoco Wireless Solutions will reduce outages and overall operating cost, lock in performance and innovate competitive advantage. From planning and system design, through delivery of large scale infrastructure projects, and ongoing maintenance, we support our customers through the full lifecycle of their infrastructure programmes.

Features / Benefits

  • A unified field area network for voice and data communications
  • Reduced cost of deployment and overall cost of ownership through deployment of private networks that can incorporate serial, Ethernet and PMR radio as well as mesh and LTE technologies
  • Management and control of smart grids across widely dispersed assets
  • Understand exactly where problems on the network are located, rather than having to dispatch teams to manually search areas of the grid
  • Fully resilient, guaranteed availability and quality of service, remaining operational in the event of a major incident
  • The added security and health and safety benefits of tracking your teams and ensuring their safety is maintained
  • Guaranteed voice communication allowing your teams to continue necessary dialogue when public networks may have ceased to operate.


Electricity Market Brochure

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The Innovation Factor

Download the white paper to see how your organisation can manage the transition to smart communication technologies in the electricity distribution sector.

Is unified communications the key to protecting the nation’s critical infrastructure?

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