Globally, electricity providers are under pressure to create the smart grids of tomorrow while simultaneously delivering reliable and continuous power to rapidly growing populations. Simoco Wireless Solutions understands how to connect complex and divergent technology together, enabling electricity providers to control critical infrastructure from power generation through to distribution, customer care and communication.

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Internet of Things

The adoption of IoT in electricity providers has increased over the last few decades and this trend sets to continue. Introducing IoT solutions ensures operational cost efficiencies, grid reliability, enhances the safety of your workers and customers as well as improving the overall experience for your customers. Velocity provides electricity providers a hybrid network utilising professional mobile radio (PMR) for mission critical voice and data as well as LTE networks for critical communications or can be run as a standalone device without the need for a PMR system.

Edge Computing

More and more data is being created and processed outside the data centre or cloud. By sending only the most important and least time-sensitive information to the cloud, edge computing eases the burden on the cloud and reduces cost for electricity providers. Edge computing is at the heart of the Velocity platform and allows the distribution of advanced computing capabilities onto different nodes of the grid representing a significant step in the digitalisation of the distribution grid and the ability to meet customers’ new requirements, integrate new distributed resources, and support the increasing electrification of the economy, thereby promoting the energy transition.

Professional Mobile Radio

Voice communications remain essential to any critical infrastructure organisation. However, technology has advanced to include a range of different applications and devices. The key elements remain to be mission-critical voice, full-duplex voice systems, emergency alerting and audio quality. By deploying a private wireless network, electricity providers can combine both voice and data communications across a single communications infrastructure, ensuring reliable mission critical voice and data is always passed through.

SCADA and Telemetry

The use of telemetry systems for the collection and distribution of data linked network performance is nothing new. Over the years this technology has seen many deployments as the hardware has become smaller and the ways to view and manage the data has vastly increased. Simoco Pulse provides electricity providers a smart telemetry solution fit for replacing legacy Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems.

Benefits of working with Simoco technology

Unified field area network

Unified approach

At Simoco we provide a unified field area network for voice and data communications

Reduced cost

Reduced cost

Reduced cost of deployment and overall cost of ownership through deployment of private networks that can incorporate serial, Ethernet and PMR radio as well as mesh and LTE technologies

Management and control of smart grids

Asset management

Management and control of smart grids across widely dispersed assets

Understand where problems are on network

Predictive maintenance

Understand exactly where problems on the network are located, rather than having to dispatch teams to manually search areas of the grid

Fully resilient


Fully resilient, guaranteed availability and quality of service, remaining operational in the event of a major incident

Health and safety of workers

Operational health and safety

The added security and health and safety benefits of tracking your teams and ensuring their safety is maintained

Guaranteed voice communication

Guaranteed voice communications

Guaranteed voice communication allowing your teams to continue necessary dialogue when public networks may have ceased to operate

Total grid visibility

Total grid visibility

Maintain full visibility and control of your smart grid to optimise response times and keep the lights on. Using a combination of technologies such as SCADA and IoT help achieve this in turn minimising data transmission and operation costs


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