Project Assurance and Project Services

Technology projects can be some of the complex that your business undertakes. Multiple stakeholders within your organisation need to be balanced with multiple stakeholders on the outside – vendors, manufacturers, resellers, developers and, of course, your own customers. A wide variety of different technologies need to be reconciled and integrated. And all of this is happening in a hugely dynamic landscape, in which new digital innovations seem to be entering the market on a daily basis.

Simoco Wireless Solutions’ project assurance and project services are designed to take the pain out of managing major technology projects, from design, through delivery to evaluation and beyond.

Project assurance

How is your technology project likely to perform? How much will it cost? What are the likely hurdles on the way to success, and the riskiest points of failure? Where and how might it change along the way?

These are all critical questions for the overall stakeholders of a technology project, but answering them at the outset can be difficult, particularly when a project has been planned and designed from within your organisation. Project assurance services from Simoco Wireless Solutions provide an independent and objective overview of the structure, pain points and costs of your plans.

Project management

Running a technology project on time and on budget, while continuing to focus on all the original objectives but being flexible enough to adapt as required is a hugely complex undertaking. It requires both technical expertise and a clear understanding of your business goals and processes. It requires experience across a broad variety of projects and industries, and a team of experts to refer back to when problems arise. It requires the perfect balance of flexibility and rigour.

Whether you need an end-to-end project management service from design to evaluation, or expert assistance with a difficult phase, Simoco Wireless Solutions has the technology project management capability to help.