Network maintenance covers a broad range of services, from simple hardware repair when a device fails to full-scale testing and performance analysis to identify problems before they escalate. Simoco Wireless Solutions offers fully tailored maintenance solutions including first, second and third line. These are delivered as managed services contracts, bespoke to the precise needs of each customer and offering all organisations the precise level of support and advice they need.

First line MaintenanceFirst Line Maintenance

First Line Maintenance

First line maintenance is typically defined as help desk/technical support. Our 24/7 Network Operations Centre (NOC) is staffed by highly qualified and exceptionally experienced Simoco Wireless Solutions engineers, providing a non-stop service with expert knowledge of our customer base, locations and leased equipment.

Second Line MaintenanceSecond Line Maintenance

Second Line Maintenance

Second line maintenance is carried out on site. Teams of Simoco maintenance engineers make reactive callouts when needed and also carry out proactive routine visits to check equipment – these are known as Preventative Maintenance Inspection (PMI) services.

Third Line Maintenance

Third Line Maintenance

  • Third line maintenance relates to when second line support staff are unable to resolve a problem and require additional assistance from higher level specialists, such as our R&D team or network architects.