Business and Technical Strategy

With a seemingly endless array of vendors, manufacturers, protocols and standards to choose from, selecting the best technical strategy for your business can seem overwhelming. It is all too easy to drift away from the business cases behind each procurement decision.

Simoco Wireless Solutions will help you shortlist, appraise and select the most appropriate technologies for your business, always aligned precisely to your business goals.

Alignment of processes and measures to strategic goals

Anything an organisation does which is not directly aligned to their strategic goals is a waste. Therefore, we deploy specialist approaches to define and test the strategic alignment of all change activity.

Options Appraisals

There is rarely one technical solution for a particular business challenge or problem. Your organisation could go down multiple routes, embracing one technology while rejecting others. Technology migration paths are also important considerations – while one solution might be the best fit now, you also need to ensure that it leaves a clear path to the architecture you will need in the future.

Simoco Wireless Solutions’ technology-agnostic approach helps you sift through the noise and make accurate appraisals of the options available to you – always tied to your existing technology architecture and your business operations, processes, aims and objectives.

Vendor Selection and Vendor Management

Even once you have identified the technology you need, there may be multiple organisations that can supply it. A vast array of manufacturers, vendors, resellers and developers are competing for your attention. Many have outstanding offerings – though not all of those will be suitable for your business. Some may restrict your future expansion plans, lock you into proprietary technology that rapidly becomes costly, or require you to make an additional investment in the near future.

Simoco Wireless Solutions is entirely vendor-agnostic too. We will help you to choose the right vendor or combination of vendors for your business, negotiate with them and consult with them throughout implementation. In this way, we act as the “honest” broker on behalf of the customer ensuring you are getting the best value out of your supply chain.

Business Case Development

All technology buying decisions should be based on a clear business case. What problem is this technology seeking to solve? How will it do so? How much will it cost, and how will it recoup that cost?

Simoco Wireless Solutions has many decades of experience in building clear and comprehensive business cases for transformative technology projects. We will help you develop a business case that speaks to all stakeholders – and provides a point of reference to keep your project on track throughout.