Dispatch and AVL

Effective fleet management is a key challenge for many organisations, from transport businesses, including bus and rail operators, to manufacturing and logistics providers and the emergency services.

Centralised staff need to able to clearly communicate with both individuals and groups of operatives across your network. In addition, those working in the transportation sector would benefit from added insight into every vehicle’s location in real-time, the ability to cross-reference that information with other data such as the time a driver has been on the road or the qualifications they hold.

One way to overcome these challenges is to install a radio Dispatch solution, which can be augmented with Automatic Vehicle Location, or AVL.

What are Dispatchers and AVLs?

A Radio Dispatcher is a radio communications solution that can be fully integrated with an existing Simoco Xd trunked radio network, and set up to support voice communications between centralised offices and moving operatives. Whilst a range of different technologies can be used for the architecture of a Dispatch solution, Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) offers a low-cost trunked solution which supports all DMR voice types, along with short data messages (SDMs) and status updates.

Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) solutions are display maps which indicate in real-time where every DMR device on the network in question is located. This enables dispatchers to track the location of every driver within a fleet, as well as searching for and following specific routes.

Why introduce this technology to your organisation?

The dispatcher can add additional functionality and control to your existing DMR network. It allows you to monitor multiple simultaneous group calls while talking on selected group call or individual call, and can support all call types, including broadcast and all unit calls.

The dispatcher technology features a clear user display and feedback, configurable speed dial buttons for individual calls, SDM’s and status messages, and the ability to make emergency or priority calls.

Together, the two technologies provide a streamlined and scalable way for organisations across a wide range of sectors to manage their operations as efficiently as possible.

Simoco Wireless Solutions: your Dispatch and AVL partner

Simoco Wireless Solutions has developed a high-performance Tier III Dispatcher with the option of fully integrating advanced AVL – the perfect option for any organisation seeking to manage its communications or its fleet more effectively.

Our Dispatcher is specifically designed for operation with our Simoco Xd Tier III infrastructure – a standards-compliant system built on a fully-distributed IP architecture, making it more scalable, flexible, resilient and cost-effective than other DMR offerings. It is simple to deploy and configure, and requires no additional servers other than a PC and our standard gateway. You can monitor or select group resources, make emergency calls and effortlessly set up the level of priority with the ability to dynamically change priority and broadcast when making each call.

The dispatcher also features call stacking with call back functionality and ability to retain any call to call-back later as well as dual audio output for presenting Selected/Monitored audio to headsets/speakers.

The addition of AVL

Our fully-integrated AVL solution incorporates a number of useful features. Calls and SDMs to specific radios can be made directly from the map at the touch of a button, whilst staff safety can be ensured thanks to the ability to search for and follow individual radios, and the capability to set man down and lone worker alarms. Geofences can be set up with entry and exit alerts, for ease of tracking the entire fleet, while time and date filtered GPS trails provide a simple way of auditing driver performance over set times.

Together, the Simoco Dispatcher and AVL solution provide a cost-effective yet highly flexible solution for communicating across your fleet.