Central Government

Central government departments experience some of the most complex communications challenges in the world. Workforces are spread across the country, continually moving and changing. Vast amounts of data must be transferred, shared and collaborated upon – with robust levels of security embedded at all stages. Central government must embrace the innovations offered by new technology – yet deliver cost-efficiency at every turn. And a single point of centralised visibility is essential.

This demands a converged, unified approach to communications – one that has consistency and security integrated throughout.

What is our approach?

Simoco Wireless Solutions is an established expert at unifying voice and data under unified communications networks – crucially, with the room to scale and flex as demands change and new technologies are added.

With a rich pedigree in working across all aspects of the public sector, we are well-versed in balancing the unique demands for efficiency and creativity, security and streamlining that are demanded by central government departments.

What are the results?

We meet the communications demands of central government through a broad range of communications hardware and software, both manufactured by us and from leading vendors. These are consolidated on secure private or hybrid communications networks, which protect the vast volumes of data communicated across government departments while maximising productivity and efficiency.

Digital communications protocols mean that upgrades and maintenance can be performed remotely and multiple user groups can be catered for, making ongoing management of the communications network simpler than ever before. Task management systems allow for closer controls of workflows and resources. And all of this is delivered by teams with vast experience in working in hostile environments and complex buildings, so no matter where your department is located, its geography is no barrier to effective communications.