What are Ethernet radio networks?

Ethernet radio networks offer a new model of seamless scalability, transforming wireless data communications. Ethernet radio networks route data through multiple access points spread across large geographical areas. They are connected through a dispersed network of nodes that ‘talk’ to each other to share the network connection. Similar to the way packets travel around the internet; dynamic routing capabilities in each device allow data to hop from device to device until it reaches the destination.

Many companies are now finding that their legacy SCADA and telemetry systems no longer meet the demands of mission-critical networks, which need to handle vast amounts of data and remain secure and resilient in the face of a dynamic cyber security landscape.

As such, they are increasingly looking to upgrade to modern, resilient, future-proofed systems.

Our solutions

Simoco Wireless Solutions’ Ethernet radio solutions, are used to monitor and control critical networks in the utilities sectors and other industries where high throughput, reliability, resilience and security are paramount. It has the ability to continually check all aspects of the network and report on any changes, giving managers unparalleled visibility and control of the entire network.

Our solutions provide high throughput, reliability, resilience and security for utility automation and other critical applications. Unlike cumbersome wired networks, ethernet radios offer the flexibility to extend the reach of existing networks, and can be rapidly deployed and easily scaled to meet both current and future requirements.

Ethernet radio solutions provide the required ease of deployment and high throughput in even the most challenging environments. Multi-hopping enables them to be extraordinarily flexible and resilient. Consequently, networks can provide many new capabilities and usage models that simply aren’t possible with any other wireless architecture.

Features / benefits

  • Easy to configure and maintain – basic IP knowledge is sufficient to manage this mission-critical SCADA system.
  • High data speed and throughput – 166 kbps / 50 kHz, 42 kbps / 12,5 kHz, 11 kbps / 6,25 kHz
  • Optimisation - Embedded optimization triples throughput on the Radio channel
  • Long range - One radio hop over 50 km, line of sight is not required
  • Security - Licensed bands
  • Reliability - Units tested to the highest standards