Buildings are at the heart of our lives; we spend most of our lives living or working in them. By providing adaptable and human-centric technologies, at Simoco Wireless Solutions we create smart buildings that challenge the everyday expectations and reality of what buildings deliver.

Explore our IoT solutions for buildings

Our connected building solutions support building owners and operators to make the most of their building and equipment data

Remote monitoring HVAC

We can provide organisations a way to manage HVAC systems by offering a way to monitor and report on equipment remotely and in real time without the need for sending service personnel.

Building Automation

Whatever the size of your building, its purpose or application, our comprehensive building automation solutions allows us to perfectly tailor an automated building solution to each organisation’s needs.

Fire alarm integration

Fire alarms play an important role in keeping occupants in buildings safe. Our technology can integrate into your existing fire alarm systems providing a mechanism to send messages to staff in the event of a fire.

How do companies benefit from our connected building solutions?

Informed decision making

Informed decision making

Utilising our ground-breaking IoT and edge computing solutions, your organisation can benefit from monitoring heating, lighting, ventilation, building occupancy and much more to make more informed decisions

Improved energy efficiency

Improved energy efficiency

By implementing IoT technology, we can help reduce energy usage through greater connectivity, which in turn can result in lower emissions, and thereby significant energy efficiencies.

Lower operating costs

Lower operating costs

Smart, connected buildings make it possible to engage with building occupants in new ways, while also driving down operational costs of maintaining business infrastructure with the aim of improving the bottom line.

Greater insights

Greater insights

Connected sensors are allowing facilities managers to track a wide range of parameters from resource consumption to space utilisation, to light and temperature usage. By integrating this level of data, it possible to automate a number of key functions, providing greater insight and control of the building.


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