Rio Tinto mine

Optimising mine site communications: Rio Tinto's 30-year journey with P25 trunked solutions

Velocity Xtend

Empower your workforce with Velocity Xtend: The ultimate push-to-talk solution

Forest conservation

Empowering conservation with reliable communications

City of Victor Harbour

City of Victor Harbor adopts cutting-edge radio and edge computing solution for remote workforce protection


VR-950 enterprise mobile data router claims ARCIA industry innovation award

SDM600 Digital Platform

Simoco SDM Mobile Radio Soon to include P25 Phase 1 & 2 Compatibility



We deliver innovative wireless solutions to customers around the world who depend upon our expertise to support their mission critical communication needs.


Simoco Wireless Solutions specialises in building communications networks for sectors where reliability, integrity and clarity are paramount, from utilities to government, public safety to transport.


We help utilities companies develop smart grids, driving efficiencies and delivering innovative new services to customers.


We keep roads, railways and airports moving, with sophisticated communications networks that help mobile and remote workforces work together smoothly.

Government and Infrastructure

From central and local government through to healthcare and public venues, we work across a vast array of public sector organisations, helping them communicate, collaborate and create.

Public Safety

Blue light and voluntary services need clear, reliable communications as a matter of life and death. We deliver them.

Products and Technologies

Innovative mission critical communication products and technologies

Learn more Internet of Things
Internet of Things

Velocity is the next generation of smart solutions that provides reliable mission critical applications in the public safety, transportation, utilities and government sectors.

We have a wide portfolio of IoT products that can connect you at high LTE speeds.

Combine your technologies into a single platform with solutions to help you transform to an IoT enabled future-ready organisation.

Learn more Edge Computing
Edge Computing

Edge Computing is at the heart of the Velocity platform providing organisations a secure, reliable and critical communications coverage platform.

Discover how our edge solutions leverage distributed compute and real-time data to help boost application performance and operational efficiencies so that industries can deliver extraordinary experiences.

Learn more Professional Mobile Radio
Professional Mobile Radio

Simoco Wireless Solutions is one of the world’s leading PMR providers. With unparalleled experience and outstanding expertise, we will help you harness the power of PMR.

From our leading DMR technology with IP distributed architecture to P25, our industry-proven mobile communications solution, at Simoco we can tailor and customise your professional mobile radio project.


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