Operational Excellence – Performance Improvement

Technology projects do not end on installation and integration. The new processes and functions they have enabled become part of your ongoing operations. The most successful projects do not stop there, either. They seek to achieve excellence, not adequacy. They seek to continually improve, generating new insights, innovations and new efficiencies for your organisation.

Simoco Wireless Solutions ensures that your transformative technology projects do not remain static on completion, but continue to enhance your business processes.

Operational excellence

Achieving operational excellence on completion of a technology implementation requires experts in all aspects of both the technologies involved and the processes within your business. Each aspect needs to be appraised in isolation – and holistically.

Simoco Wireless Solutions’ teams of technical experts, engineers and business consultants will ensure that every aspect of your technology project is fully integrated, operating at its complete potential and is fully aligned with your business processes. We have a wealth of expertise in ITIL based Service Management and Managed Services and can guide and support you in this field.

Lean and continuous improvement

Our teams understand how your workforce can be empowered to continuously improve operations and business performance. Additional benefits of this approach can be the increased capability of your workforce and freeing your leaders to focus more of their time on strategy and growth.

Values and Behaviours

Change cannot be successful without engaging all associated internal and external stakeholders. Successful transformations are enabled by people who not only accommodate change but also embrace the vision and objectives and the organisation. Simoco’s approach is designed to address both the ‘Hard’ aspects of change, such as process and technology, as well as the ‘Soft’ aspects, such as people and behaviours.

Performance reporting tiered through the organisation

Simoco can tailor the ongoing performance reporting to the improvements that we deliver. Presenting the high-level measures with ‘drill-down’ capability to the low-level detail via cloud-based solutions run on mobile devices. Your key information, any time anywhere.

Performance improvement

To maximise the return on investment from your technology projects, you need to be prepared to seek further performance improvements after implementation. Can legacy processes and ways of working be updated? Can newly generated data be used to inform strategies and product or service development? We will help you identify these opportunities for performance improvement – and put them into practice.