From sporting and entertainment venues to shopping centres, public venues are complex spaces, where the communications focus is on keeping large numbers of visitors and staff safe and informed. The varied groups of workers in such public spaces require robust and reliable communications across entire sites including low level and underground areas.

Furthermore, those communications are ever-expanding. Voice has been joined by a wide variety of data. Radios have been joined by internet-enabled devices. Managing these disparate technologies and channels requires a unified approach.

What is our approach?

Simoco Wireless Solutions builds truly unified communications infrastructures, which integrate a broad variety of technologies, devices and protocols to deliver a seamless single network. Our consultative approach to working with public spaces uses ‘fleet mapping’ to consider the needs of each ‘talk group’ and how their operational requirements will influence systems design. We can then customise the unified communications infrastructure to the precise needs of each space.

What are the results?

Some of the world’s largest public venues rely on Simoco Wireless Solutions to undertake the design and ongoing maintenance of their unified communications systems. Even public spaces that incorporate challenging locations can benefit from a single network; we use technologies such as leaky feeder systems to ensure comprehensive coverage.

During busy periods, increasing communications capacity is effortless; our networks can flex and scale as required. Rental programmes are also available to increase radio capacity. Should an emergency arise, our customised communications infrastructures for public spaces incorporate additional capabilities that ensure emergency services have access to the venue communications. The same technology can enable venues to benefit from remote monitoring and alerts.

Public spaces benefit from dealing directly with Simoco Wireless Solutions as a manufacturer, without losing the flexibility of customisation that is key to delivering fit for purpose solutions.