Push - The Push to talk solution over Wi-Fi, cellular and LMR

Whether your teams are in the office or in the field, effective communication and collaboration tools are crucial for keeping them connected.

Push makes that possible by providing fully secure, real-time PTT voice and data communications regardless of bearer, network or device.

Use any Device

Utilise high speed broadband networks

Technology advancements in the last few decades has removed the geographical boundaries for effectively communicating with your teams wherever that may be in the World. Utilising broadband cellular networks, Wi-Fi and broadband infrastructures provides instant, reliable and efficient communications .

Broadband Networks

Use any device

Push provides the benefit of using PoC through your existing smartphone, tablet devices or we can provide a range of device options including ruggedised PoC devices. Users can get started immediately with a reduced learning curve without the requirement of having to learn to operate a two way radio.

Integrate with DMR networks

Push can be extended to DMR radio networks utilising the Application Interface Specification (AIS) protocol native to the DMR network. Push LTE users can communicate with each radio network using private calls, group calls and emergency calls. Additionally, Push integrated location tracking mapping features can display DMR radio users when GPS is enabled on the radio network.

Industries that use PoC as their communication solution

Whether your industry is serving citizens or saving lives, Push can be deployed in all markets. Here are just a few of the industries that use PoC as their communication solution.


Public Safety

Public Safety

Utilities and Mining

Transportation and Logistics

Oil and Gas

Campus Environments

Campus Environments

Local and Central Government



Why choose Push?

Reduced Expense

Reduced Capital Expense

Push is quick to deploy, and allows you to access a range of powerful capabilities found in traditional two-way radio systems without the requirement for setting up expensive private infrastructure.

No spectrum

No spectrum licensing

Push does not require secure spectrum licensing requirements.

Instant Communication

Instant PTT communication

With just a press of a button, Push allows you to communicate with individuals within your team or groups over distances instantly.

MNO managed

Easy setup

Push is simple to setup and maintain and there is no requirement to build and manage a radio network infrastructure.

Great Sound Quality

Great sound quality

You will be able to experience superior sound quality even in the harshest environments, you will never need to worry about getting your voice heard.

Long distance communications

With conventional radios, communicating over a long distance is very difficult as there is a requirement for radio infrastructure and terminals to expand your coverage/network. Push allows you to communicate with your team not just locally, but nationally or even internationally.

Push Dispatch

Stay connected with your teams wherever they are with Push Dispatch

Push Dispatch allows your supervisors and office personnel to communicate with their mobile workforce and provides an effective communication tool for you to manage and rapidly respond to emergency incidents, events, customer requests and other situations that need immediate attention.

Push dispatch features:

  • Real time location mapping
  • Individual and group calls
  • Secure Text/image message
  • Geofencing
  • Call history
  • Different Map views
Push Tablet

Push Device Options

Push provides the benefit of using PoC through a range of ruggedised devices on a public or private cellular network.


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