The energy market has seen a huge change over the last few decades with the integration of renewables becoming more and more important. Utility companies are feeling the heat with numerous challenges faced by ensuring they have robust mission critical communications. Regulatory bodies are monitoring this regularly and levying huge fines if utility companies don't comply. At Simoco Wireless Solutions we provide end-to-end communication solutions enabling operational cost efficiencies, grid reliability, enhancing the operational health and safety of your workers and improving the overall experience for your customers.

Some of the applications we're connecting in the renewables sector

We have been working with companies spanning eight decades in the utilities space so you can be rest assured our mission critical technology will be reliable and resilient

Solar Power

How can you power a communication system in the middle of nowhere? Solar energy comes to the rescue providing a mechanism for ensuring your communications don't go down. We have been working with companies providing the tools and expertise to ensure your organisation has the necessary components for a reliable and resilient mission critical communications system.

Wind Power

Maintaining strong connection and communication quality is often a challenge at offshore wind farms because they are typically outside of the normal coverage range of 4G/5G mobile networks. We can provide resilient communication systems that leverage multiple bearers including LMR, LTE and Satellite providing your wind farm a secure, reliable and excellent communications platform.

Explore our communication solutions for the renewable sector

We provide you with market-leading communication solutions to connect your assets

Internet of Things

Using Internet of Things (IoT) in the renewables sector can provide utility companies a way to manage their assets, infrastructure and operations. Using Velocity, a ground-breaking edge computing device, we can help your organisation connect all assets whether those are fixed or mobile with wireless technologies creating an enhanced ecosystem.

Professional Mobile Radio

With eight decades of experience in delivering professional mobile radio communication solutions, radio is in our DNA. We provide the communication tools enabling your workforce to do their job effectively, ensuring your workers are kept safe and ultimately keep connected like never before.

SCADA and Telemetry

Simoco Wireless Solutions help organisations to reliably and securely deliver mission critical data from across their operational areas, allowing companies to implement remote control and automation of assets, real-time monitoring, network optimisation, and proactive maintenance programmes.


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