Revolutionise your mission critical network with Velocity

Simoco Push

Simoco Push

An industry leading secure Push to Talk (PTT) over Cellular solution

SRB250 Suitcase Repeater

SRB250 P25 Rapid Deployment Repeater

Providing mission critical communications in challenging environments

Simoco Xd Dispatch

Simoco Xd Dispatch

A trunked radio dispatch solution with the option of fully integrated location services

700 Series

Simoco Xd 700 Series

The next generation of digital mobile radio ensuring reliable mission critical communications

Simoco Pulse

Simoco Pulse

Monitoring the Heartbeat of Mission Critical Networks


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Unleash the full potential of IoT with Simoco's revolutionary all in one intelligent communications platform.

Delivering resilient, mission critical connectivity for essential operations in critical sectors such as public safety.

Applications are the gateway to more innovation and better customer service, with features like GPS tracking, dynamic call handling and more.

Telemetry systems automatically collect data from disparate points on a network and send them to receiving equipment for analysis and monitoring – they underpin SCADA systems for the utilities industry.

Portable radios offer flexibility and reliability, even in demanding environments.

Mobile radios can combine data and applications with voice for richer, digitally-driven communications.

Radio terminals and base stations provide a robust and resilient foundation for your communications infrastructure.

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