Construction sites are demanding environments. Dust, noise, changing landscapes and multiple user groups are challenges that must be met to ensure safe and effective communications. Operators in this sector require flexible and reliable radio systems that provide coverage across the entire site and grow with the project to meet budgetary requirements.

What is our approach?

Systems design is an ongoing requirement for building sites as the topography develops. Simoco Wireless Solutions systems architects and field engineering teams work closely with construction operators to design solutions that take site development into account and minimise the impact on communications.

By drawing together multiple voice and data channels into a single unified communication network, we can offer construction operators the centralised management and seamless scalability they need to communicate across dynamic, growing projects.

What are the results?

Simoco Wireless Solutions meets the needs of the construction sector with a range of ruggedised products that remain effective in the field over long periods of rough handling in harsh conditions. As a manufacturer, we can customise product as well as provide refurbishment services to extend the life of radio equipment and also offers equipment rental programmes.

The IP nature of digital radio means that upgrades and maintenance can be performed remotely with multiple user groups being catered for. It also allows for the integration of other radio and communications systems to meet the needs of multi-tenant environments and achieve unified communications across a wide range of technology. Data services such as the location monitoring of workers and assets, mobile field tools and information exchange between site and office can be integrated onto the radio network, harnessing value from the radio infrastructure and increasing efficiency.