As the levels of competitive pressure continue to rise, so too does the need to immediately react to any issue. This requires status of processes to be known in real-time and to a more granular level of detail than was previously acceptable.

For example, what will be the impact of introducing larger ships? Not just on the depth of water at the dock, but also the increased operations; the impact on transport and logistics; health and safety and the environment.

In addition to planning to accommodate change, it has become critical to also plan how intelligence can be captured from the real-time operations to enable rapid, and connected, decision-making. Then use this intelligence to build into big data where data analytics can provide a rich source of knowledge for strategic planning.

From keeping individual team members connected, to gaining strategic insights on improving port performance, we create communications networks that enable improvements in port performance.

What is our approach?
Simoco Wireless Solutions is an expert in delivering communications networks that bring simplicity of management and robust resilience to port environments. We understand that the multiple functions with ports, in terms of both cargo and passenger vessels, demand a diverse range of communication channels, which can handle both voice and rich data applications. This complexity needs to be consolidated in order to deliver cost and resource efficiency.

Our approach is focused understanding your objectives and then aligning robust unified communications networks that support your needs while capturing previously untapped data in order to generate new insights and in turn, new innovations.

What are the results?
With a unified communications from Simoco Wireless Solutions, ports of all sizes and with both a cargo and passenger focus can share information between different users, groups, functions, subcontractors and suppliers, to improve performance and compliance.

Our integrated communications solutions for the ports sector capture information from across the port environment – on anything from the presence of quayside vehicles to operations on board vessels – and, crucially, turn this data into tangible, real-time business decisions that improve overall safety, health, environmental and quality standards, as well as productivity and profitability.

Summary Benefits

  • A unified communications network for all voice and data requirements – today and into a digitally-driven future, including a wide area network of things;
  • Rapid identification and isolation of any problems across the communications network, and the capability to remotely manage key operations;
  • Data capture from across diverse port functions, which can then be used to meet safety standards and improve efficiency;
  • Telematics capabilities, allowing operators to monitor the status of mobile and fixed access in the port environment and use this information to improve decision making;
  • Guaranteed voice communications allowing teams to maintain dialogue when public networks may have ceased to operate.