Police forces face a unique set of communication challenges. Communications must remain clear and audible throughout unusual environmental challenges. Police forces that work with Simoco Wireless Solutions enjoy data-rich communications that remain secure and reliable even in the most restrictive environments, across wide geographical areas and when travelling at high speeds.

Solutions for Police

Internet of Things / Edge Computing

The rise of Internet of things (IoT) devices is providing a new wave of opportunity for police officers to better connect to, and share with each other. Our revolutionary IoT and edge computing device Velocity, allows police officers access to always-on mission critical applications and data to peform their duties, whether that is in a vehicle, station or in the field.

Professional Mobile Radio

Simoco’s consultative approach means that emergency services and public safety agencies across the world benefit from radio systems that work according to their operational requirements rather than an off the shelf solution. As a manufacturer, Simoco can produce bespoke hardware that meets the precise needs of police organisations.


Connected Police Brochure

Learn how we empower police officers with solutions in order to protect and serve communities. Simoco offers future proof services that can integrate data and connectivity to support the wide range of functions required by today’s public service agencies.
Connected Police

Connected Police Video

Police forces face challenges every day, from protecting the public, riot prevention and acts of terrorism. The demand for intelligent and reliable public-safety solutions is stronger than ever before. Watch the video to learn more.

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