What are cellular routers?

Cellular routers, which provide internet access via a cellular data network rather than cables, are used for a broad range of industrial wireless applications. These include SCADA and telemetry in the utilities sectors, point of sale systems in the retail industry, ATM’s, and security and surveillance solutions. Cellular routers can also provide a useful backup for other communication systems.

Anywhere secure and reliable communications are being maintained between a central server and an unlimited number of remote locations, cellular routers provide an alternative solution.

Our solutions

Our cellular routers have been specially designed for SCADA and Telemetry, nevertheless are well suited to many different wireless applications. The cellular routers hardware and software is ready to maintain reliable and secure connections from an unlimited number of remote locations to a central server. Both standard Ethernet/IP and serial interfaces are available. Moreover, two digital inputs and two digital outputs can be used for direct monitoring and control of application devices.

The cellular routers versatility is further enhanced by the two independent Ethernet ports. These can be configured to either support two independent LANs (e.g. LAN and WAN settings), or simply connect two devices within one LAN (effectively replacing an Ethernet switch). The cellular router software is based on well proved components, including an Embedded Linux operating system and standard TCP/IP communication protocols.

The cellular router together with the Simoco Wireless Solutions Ethernet radio, offers an unrivalled solution for combining GPRS and UHF/VHF licensed radio in a single network.