Keeping the world’s road networks safe and operational requires communications networks that can cope with vast amounts of ever-changing data, respond rapidly to potentially life-threatening incidents and remain reliable in the face of noisy, inaccessible and polluted environments.

The technologies underpinning smart motorways are continually developing, and rely on highly efficient, data-driven communications to remain operational. Meanwhile, road engineering works incorporate multiple different personnel, often across wide areas, who need to be able to transmit information reliably and securely. All this requires an integrated, unified and intelligent approach to building communications networks.

What is our approach?

Simoco Wireless Solutions understands that the varying communications demands of today’s roads, from construction and maintenance through to intelligent operations; require multiple technologies, devices and protocols. To deliver efficiency against tight margins, this multiplicity needs to be unified.

Our approach combines voice and data transmission across unified, resilient networks, consolidating vast and complex road infrastructures with smart grid technologies. We design, build, monitor and maintain communications systems that work today – and into a digitally-driven future.

What are the results?

With a unified communications system from Simoco Wireless Solutions, today’s transport links can proactively monitor and address maintenance needs before they impact on performance.

Our unified communication solutions for the road sector meet the needs of varied locations from confined spaces through to those requiring communications across thousands of miles of remote landscape. Using sector knowledge, specialist ability and bespoke products, Simoco Wireless Solutions excels at confined space engineering and is involved in the operation of some of the busiest road tunnels in the world.

Communicating over mobile radio, GSM, Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB), RF over Fibre, Voice Break In (VBI) and Public address (PA), our solutions for road environments are varied and reliable. Simoco Wireless Solutions highly skilled teams use M2M, inspection and remote monitoring to keep systems live; working quickly within the parameters of restricted access to minimise downtime and keep traffic moving.

Features / Benefits

  • A unified communications network for all voice and data requirements – today and into a digitally-driven future
  • Rapid identification of any problems on the road network, with the ability to remotely control aspects of key operations
  • Faster and more streamlined control of road network operations through enhanced data capabilities
  • Guaranteed voice communications allowing your team to continue necessary dialogue when public networks may have ceased to operate