Managed Services

Managed services takes an end-to-end approach to voice communications, telematics and unified communications. From initial consultancy through system design and integration to ongoing monitoring and maintenance, Simoco Wireless Solutions manages communication networks for a range of international airports, including Heathrow. We operate 15,000 devices for 170 customers across 18 UK airports in total, providing mission critical communications infrastructure that helps keep populations mobile. Simoco Wireless Solutions also maintains communication infrastructure for Transport for London. We provide 24/7 support for a network covering London’s busiest road tunnels, helping to ensure 250,000 vehicles pass through safely each day.

We begin with a consultancy phase that considers the technologies, user groups and communication channels you already have in place – and the ones you will need in the future. From there, we design a communications infrastructure that will be the perfect fit today – and tomorrow.

Next, we handle all aspects of the installation of your new hardware and software, ensuring that everything is perfectly integrated with your existing technology.

Finally, with your communications network up and running, we offer bespoke packages of ongoing maintenance and support. Our communications networks are set up for streamlined maintenance, with identification and isolation of problems, routine maintenance and upgrades and even repair work able to take place remotely. Whether you want our expert engineers monitoring your communications networks 24/7, or want a more hands-off approach, we tailor our levels of managed service to fit.

The flexible nature of our approach to managed services means that you can pick and choose the elements that your organisation needs. Whether you have a communications architecture in place that you’re happy with and simply need experts to keep it running smoothly, whether you want to strip back your existing architecture and start again – or something in between – Simoco Wireless Solutions delivers innovation, reliability and absolute trust.

Our Managed Services Approach

Voice Communications

Voice communications

Clear, audible and reliable voice communications are the lifeblood of many sectors’ day-to-day operations. We provide organisations with the very latest digital radio communications technology – but we also haven’t forgotten that analogue radio still represents the backbone of global radio deployments. Our managed services approach to voice communications delivers clarity and reliability today, with a clear digital migration path in the future.


Telematics is all about converging multiple, data-rich applications and information streams onto a single communications architecture. We deliver end-to-end solutions for organisations’ mission-critical transport operations, with a single network handling location information, vehicle information and data on driver behaviour – which in turn helps management make more strategic decision. Onboard hardware and accessories are combined with powerful 4G LTE or DMR Tier III networking and a telematics workbench to provide unparalleled insights and efficiencies.
Unified Communications

Unified communications

As the Internet of Things continues to grow, so too do the opportunities for organisations to gather more intelligence from their operations and develop innovative new services. But this requires intelligent, unified communications architectures that can collect data from a range of disparate devices and network endpoints. Our Simoco Pulse telemetry system replaces a range of telemetry communications (cellular, unlicensed radio and WLAN) with a single infrastructure, delivering simplicity, visibility and control. And our Simoco Xd private DMR network provides a fast and reliable digital network for transmitting complex data as well as voice – the perfect foundation for developing innovative new services and applications.

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