Two Way Radio Rental

Simoco Wireless Solutions is one of the world’s leading Professional Mobile Radio (PMR) providers. We offer a broad range of hardware, both manufactured in-house and from leading vendors, so that every customer can choose the radio communications solution that is right for them.

Our two-way radio rental service is the ideal solution for organisations seeking extra flexibility and scalability from their radio communications. Perhaps you are a large public venue, and need additional radio hardware to cover a major event. Perhaps you are organising a construction project, and need to kit up a temporary workforce with mobile communications. Or perhaps you are simply seeking a more managed services approach to your radio deployment, and want the freedom of knowing you are paying for your radio equipment on a contract basis.

We offer a wide range of radio rental packages, including short and long-term rental contracts – from 24 hours through to five years – casual rental and rental with purchase options, so you can pick and choose the scope and timescales that are right for you. Our rental offices are strategically located and dispersed so there is sure to be a convenient location for you, and we use the most up-to-date equipment so you can be sure of working with the latest technology, year after year. Technical support and training can be tailored as part of your rental contract too.

Our experience

Our two-way radio rental services are ideal for a wide range of industries including event management, movies and television, security, manufacturing, construction, mining, utilities and rail. We are proud of our diverse and high-quality client list.

For example, for more than a decade we have supplied the entire communications system for the Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix. This iconic racing event requires up to 500 portable radios, accessories and associated infrastructure, and with a daily attendance in excess of 100,000, and cars travelling at up to 360 km/hour, reliability is essential. We have also worked on the Commonwealth Games and international racing and air show events.

Our Solutions

Portable Two Way radios:

  • Simoco SRP9180
  • Simoco SRP9170
  • Simoco SRP9130
  • Satellite Phones - Iridium 9555 Handset
  • Digital Two Way Radio Range


  • Simoco SRM9000
  • Digital Two Way Radio


  • Charging Accessories
  • Audio/Earpiece Accessories

The Benefits

  • Cost savings

    Organisations pay only for the equipment they need, when they need it. This may be to cover peak periods of activity, special projects or for backup in response to a breakdown of other equipment.
  • Groundbreaking technology

    Simoco Wireless Solutions only rents out the very latest radio equipment, so organisations can be sure of working with the most up-to-date technology, which they may not have been able to deploy in-house.
  • Tax deductible

    Renting costs are often fully tax deductible and can be recovered at the end of the financial year, compared to purchase costs which are recouped over several years through depreciation allowances.
  • 24-hour support

    An experienced team of rental experts is constantly on-hand to provide technical support, ensuring that your event continues to run smoothly. As a manufacturer we can offer this support down to a component level.
  • Flexible timescales

    Rental contracts can range from 24 hours through to five years, and include full maintenance throughout. Casual rental and rental with purchase are other options.