Simoco Velocity IoT Platform set to pave the way for Mining 4.0

The mining industry is going through an era of digital transformation with the advent of advanced technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), robotics and the internet of things (IoT) to make cost efficiencies and to improve safety; always a paramount concern in this sector. In this white paper we look at some of the benefits this can bring, and how intelligent communications solutions like Velocity can play a leading role in enabling these improvements.

Simoco MORF: The rapidly deployable radio network on wheels

This white paper explores the importance of rapid deployable radio network on wheels which can strategically be positioned in diverse geographic areas and provide instant communications without spending huge amounts of investment in typical fixed infrastructure that would otherwise be needed.

A Competitive Edge to Power Digital Transformation in Critical Communications for Public Safety

Imagine one box that can bring together all your mission critical communications technologies so that your vehicles are never out of touch and equipped with voice and broadband data on the move.

Mission critical network infrastructure with Simoco Xd

How Simoco Xd’s fully distributed IP architecture enables cost-effective, scalable and reliable radio communications.

Radio Network planning in challenging environments

Why radio frequency propagation and confined space engineering are essential in delivering reliable communication infrastructure for Radio, LTE, 4G and 5G standards.

Delivering Intelligent Transportation Networks Through Unified Critical Communications

Why transport organisations must invest in communications infrastructure to deliver more efficient operations and improve passenger experience.

The innovation factor: Managing the transition to smart communication technologies in the electricity distribution sector

The transition from legacy communications systems to new technologies can seem daunting for organisations in the electricity sector. But with market dynamics changing rapidly, electricity companies around the world are facing more demands than ever to improve efficiency and utilisation, as well as a growing requirement to integrate disparate technologies. For electricity companies, unified communications makes network management easier by allowing easier access to information and providing a more resilient and manageable infrastructure.

Putting the customer first: Digital mobile radio (DMR) on a Specialised Mobile Radio (SMR) network

Specialised Mobile Radio (SMR) network operators provide communication services and subscriber devices, typically for a monthly fee, to customers looking to benefit from the reliability and coverage provided by a radio network. But those customers now expect their land mobile radio to offer a rich array of features and applications similar to those they enjoy on smartphones and other mobile devices. SMR operators are under pressure to innovate while maintaining reliability and value.

Delivering SCADA Telemetry over DMR for Mission Critical Communications

Telemetry data is essential to a wide range of businesses and organisations. Our whitepaper explores how Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) can be used to deliver reliable and robust SCADA communications.

Small data, big decisions: A guide to driving business efficiencies through telematics

Telematics is the process of sending information to and from a variety of locations. In business one of its primary applications is in vehicular telematics. This whitepaper explores how automating the collection, consolidation and analysis of data telematics can dramatically streamline business visibility, decision-making and strategy.

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