SCADA and Telemetry

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems remotely monitor and manage power networks

Simoco Wireless Solutions is a world leader in both SCADA and Telemetry systems

Primary SCADA

The highest bandwidth, most secure data communications for the utilities sector

Create smarter grids with Simoco Wireless Solutions

A single infrastructure for voice and data communications, and a gateway to the IoT

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SCADA and Telemetry

Simoco Wireless Solutions provide unified communication networks which enable our customers to manage and control assets across vast and remote operational areas.

Simoco Wireless solutions integrate technologies such as Ethernet Radio, DMR Combined Voice and Data, Cellular (3G, 4G & LTE), and Microwave. This mix of technologies allows our networks to serve a range of applications across markets such as utilities, transportation, government and infrastructure, and public safety.

Simoco Wireless Solutions help organisations to reliably and securely deliver mission critical data from across their operational areas, allowing companies to implement remote control and automation of assets, real-time monitoring, network optimisation, and proactive maintenance programmes.

SCADA and Telemetry Solutions

Ethernet Radio Networks

Ethernet radio networks offer a new model of seamless scalability, transforming wireless data communications.

Pulse – Voice and Data Networks

DMR unifying Voice & Telemetry Networks, Lone worker and data applications over a single infrastructure.

Cellular Routers

Achieve close monitoring and control of application devices across highly complex networks. Our cellular routers are compact, reliable and sophisticated.

Microwave Solutions

Ensure high-bandwidth communication capabilities across a wide range of industrial settings.

Delivering SCADA Telemetry over DMR for Mission Critical Communications

Telemetry data is essential to a wide range of businesses and organisations. Our whitepaper explores how Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) can be used to deliver reliable and robust SCADA communications.

SCADA and Telemetry Case Studies

Western Power Distribution ensures mission critical SCADA telemetry across operational areas in the UK

The WPD network consists of 220,000 km of overhead lines and underground cables, and 185,000 transformers. Simoco Wireless Solutions has delivered mission-critical remote low-band data communications over a digital mobile radio (DMR) infrastructure, helping WPD develop a smart grid for the future.

Read the case study here