Simoco launches SDP560 specifically designed for essential day to day two-way radio communications


Simoco Wireless Solutions a global leader in deploying mission critical communication solutions across the World has recently launched the SDP560. The radio is built for cost conscious organisations looking to transition to digital technology for reliable and efficient communications.

Reliable communications are crucial for a number of organisations. The SDP560 DMR portable radio is perfect for campus style environments where operators of the radio don't require a screen or complex features but require a simple push to talk device that is affordable for their communication needs without the need to compromise on quality. The SDP560 is an entry level digital portable radio offering ease of use and powerful digital enabled features.

“In today’s economy, organisations are constantly under pressure to deliver more, and deliver fast, all while keeping a conscious mind on reducing costs,” said Mike Norfield, Group CEO. “With this in mind, we’ve developed a communication solution that holds all the necessary features in one affordable device”.

One of the risks of migrating from analogue to digital technology is the transition period which can potentially interrupt business operations. To make this transition smooth and easy, the SDP560 can operate on both digital and analogue modes. In this way, radio users can operate and communicate on their new radios while on the job, as the business transitions to digital technology.

The compact, well-engineered device is built to withstand hard conditions and moisture with its IP67 rating. It boasts superior audio output and unique features and is available in both VHF and UHF frequency bands. The new radio is available to order today.

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