Simoco Wireless Solutions officially opens new Centre of Innovation in Melbourne

Centre of innovation

Simoco Wireless Solutions a global leader in mission critical communications, is delighted to announce the opening of a new interactive Centre of Innovation at its Australian headquarters in Melbourne.

The centre will focus on allowing our customers and partners a way of exploring some of the key features of the various communication technologies that we provide. Customers will be able to draw upon how a critical communications network is best managed and controlled and this in turn will provide the insight of improving day to day operational efficiencies in their respective organisations.

The new centre of innovation includes scenarios of how a government organisation such as a local council authority or transportation company can control its entire fleet operations using dispatch and AVL software as well as utilising Simoco Bridge, an Internet of Things technology to provide real time analysis of the weather in order to aid worker safety and more.

The centre also has demonstrations of how push to talk over cellular can be interfaced to a DMR Tier III system which allows users of smartphones on 4G/LTE to roam on the DMR network. Simoco Pulse which is Simoco’s flagship SCADA and Telemetry product is also on display and demonstrates how it can be deployed in a wide range of industries for the monitoring and control of equipment such as switches, valves, pumps and control modules. Our transportable repeater the SRB250 is also on display which shows how it can provide radio coverage to a critical incident or emergency situation.

Peter Scarlata, CEO Simoco Australasia, said: “Innovation and development is imperative to remain competitive and this is a fantastic new facility to be able to share with both existing and potential customers.

As the pace of technological change continues to gather speed, organisations want to make the most of mission critical communication technology. However, many organisations are struggling to truly maximise the potential of this technology.

The new facility will aid our customers and partners to consider an array of technologies when designing their communication networks and our centre aims to serve as a practical way of demonstrating these.”

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