Simoco Wireless Solutions opens Centre for Excellence at Derby HQ

Centre of Excellence

Simoco Wireless Solutions has opened an interactive Centre for Excellence at its Derby headquarters.

Designed to provide organisations looking to implement critical communications networks with an environment for demonstrations and training, the centre features a working model of various communication technologies.

Coupled with a working Network Operations Centre (NOC), this allows users to explore both how a critical communications network is best managed and controlled, and how it can be used to draw intelligence and insight that will improve an organisation’s performance.

The centre includes scenarios that simulate how radio networks, for example, can be used to allow a range of companies, including those in the utilities, transport and public safety sectors, to manage a variety of operations. It also features a working model illustrating how Internet of Things (IoT) technology can be used by organisations to gather and communicate key data from the environments in which they operate.

Andy Woodhall, Chief Sales Officer at Simoco Wireless Solutions, said: “Innovation and development is key to remaining competitive and this is a fantastic new facility to be able to share with both existing and potential customers.

“There is an increasing array of technologies for organisations to consider when designing their communication networks and our centre aims to serve as a practical way of demonstrating these.

“It’s also a risk-free way for organisations to extend their knowledge of how communications networks operate, and will serve as a great training tool, both internally and externally.”

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