Simoco Wireless Solutions has published its latest whitepaper on the future of smart communication technologies in the sector

Innovation Factor

The whitepaper, entitled “The Innovation Factor: Managing the transition to smart communication technologies in the electricity distribution sector” is now available to download on the the Simoco Wireless Solutions site.

The key themes explored in the whitepaper include:

  • The different types of communication technologies available to distribution network operators
  • The growing importance of data in the smart grid age
  • How Western Power Distribution (WPD) were able to reduce outages and operating costs following the successful replacement of a legacy SCADA system
  • How an overall unified communications approach that combines new technologies as an alternative to legacy systems can provide real-world operational benefits including reduced outages, reliable and resilient voice and data communications, improved asset management and automation capabilities

“Simoco Wireless Solutions prides itself on its expert knowledge of the sector and its needs and challenges,” said Mike Norfield, CEO of Simoco Wireless Solutions.

“With market dynamics changing so rapidly for electricity companies around the world, integrating disparate technologies through unified communications infrastructure and access to real-time measurement data in operational decision-making delivers enormous benefits. This is the smarter way for electricity providers to manage their networks, providing cost savings and greater energy efficiency for the wider community.”

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