Simoco Wireless Solutions wins contract extension for Australia’s largest air show

Simoco and Avalon

Simoco Wireless Solutions has extended its contract for providing communications infrastructure to the Avalon Airshow, held on a biennial basis at Avalon Airport in Victoria, Australia.

The event, which is the largest civil and military air show in the Australian calendar, is attended by up to 200,000 people, with three full days of industry and military attendance only, followed by three days of public attendance.

Having provided and managed a Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) communications network for previous events, organisers Aerospace Australia Limited has now extended the contract with Simoco for a further four shows.

Simoco Wireless Solutions uses its Simoco Xd network – a DMR Tier III trunked system – to provide resilience, scalability and secure communications across the site of the show.

The network simultaneously runs 25 independent and disparate radio talkgroups, with volunteers and staff members using the network from 5am until 2am the next morning. During this time the network will facilitate between 500 and 600 conversations every hour, and over the 9 main days of the 2017 event in excess of 37,000 calls were made.

The network consists of 425 portable DMR radios, five desktop bases and 12 repeaters. In addition, the Simoco team also provided 30 air band radio devices to complement the private DMR network and a managed service for the network, monitoring radio devices for faults or misuse.

Greg Campbell of Aerospace Australia said: “Simoco’s DMR communications infrastructure has helped us run a number of highly successful events and we are pleased to be continuing this relationship. Public safety is paramount at large events like the Avalon Airshow, and a strong communications system is key to being able to provide a safe environment. The Simoco Xd network has also helped to improve operational efficiency during the show, ensuring all relevant teams remain contactable and can coordinate activities.”

Brett McInnes, CEO of Simoco Wireless Solutions Australasia, said: “The Avalon Airshow is a major event in Australia and we are looking forward to working with Aerospace Australia again to deliver a memorable experience to visitors during future events.

“We’ll be looking to improve the network by taking advantage of the feature rich nature of Digital Mobile Radio technology, including exploring the use of advanced applications such as GPS tracking and geotagging functionality”.

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