TDE’s NOMAD DMR III Trunked network to provide users with full duplex calling and advanced application offering


Simoco Group has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Télécommunications de l'Est (TDE) following the completion of a Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) Network for the Canadian telecoms operator.

The public network, which will operate under the brand name NOMAD and will be available to users in the vast region of Eastern Quebec and Northern New Brunswick Canada, includes full duplex calling modes, a wide range of end user applications and advanced Over-the-Air-Programming (OTAP) functionality, enabling TDE to manage network development efficiently. TDE will initially roll out the network across 50 existing sites and intends to eventually expand the network to over 80 sites.

The NOMAD network also includes Push-to-Talk (PTT) functionality, using SLA's Enterprise Secure Chat (ESChat) technology, which has been integrated using the DMR Application Interface Specification (AIS). The solution will deliver secure interoperability for users with commercial 3G, LTE and WiFi, ensuring smartphone devices can be connected to the network.

NOMAD features Simoco's unique IP Ethernet based distributed architecture, making it easier for TDE to expand the network across wider operational areas, incorporating tens of thousands of devices. The network has been designed to carry both voice and data transmissions, allowing TDE to offer customers a reliable telemetry network utilizing Simoco Pulse products.

Simoco Group has also provided its latest range of digital radios as part of the network, which include the SDP760 DMR Portable Radio and SDM730 DMR Mobile Radio, both of which feature full duplex calling functionality and customizable Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

Gary Correia, VP Americas Sales and Business Development at Simoco Group, said: "The NOMAD network will enable TDE to offer its customers all of the advanced functionality available through Digital Mobile Radio. From the scalable nature of our IP based solution, to its ability to unify a variety of communications mediums through its full Duplex mode and PTT functionality, we are confident that NOMAD will be a future-proof investment when it comes to providing users with a mission critical network suitable for the demands of tomorrow.

"Our 700 Series of digital radios will also ensure that users are able to use the network with the latest radio devices, providing best in class sensitivity and ensuring crystal-clear communications in all operational environments."

Daniel Gignac, CEO of TDE, said: "Canada is home to a number important industrial and economic regions and organizations a wide range of sectors, needing reliable communication in order to manage operations effectively.

"The NOMAD network will provide these requirements, using a Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) solution that delivers a level of functionality and performance that is not provided by cellular or satellite alternatives. Advanced features include full duplex modes, an array of available applications and an easily expandable network, resulting from Simoco's IP based distributed architecture."

Josh Lober, President at SLA Corporation, said: "We are excited about the development of the NOMAD network, which includes the ESChat service, enabling interoperability between the LTE and DMR radio networks. The ESChat system will also include real-time location display of its users on iOS and Android smartphones, as well as the ESChat PC Dispatch console. Future enhancements to the ESChat DMR interface will allow location display of the DMR radios as well."

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