Velocity EC-800

The Velocity EC-800 product range provides organisations a high performance intelligent edge computing platform that harnesses wired and wireless communications bringing reliable and always on mission critical communications to public safety, transportation, utilities, mining and government sectors. With access to an array of communication networks including LTE, Wi-Fi, Ethernet and LMR, the EC-800 has been built for demanding mission critical requirements either out in the field, in vehicles or harsh environments.

The EC-800 has been designed to operate in vehicles and fixed harsh environments to support an operating temperature range from -30 to 70º C and a flexible power input voltage range of 9-36VDC. The EC-800 has been designed with MILSTD components to meet harsh environments with its extruded aluminium rugged design. A telemetry and telematics data interface allows the collection of vehicle diagnostic and performance data to monitor vehicle health, assess driver behaviour and much more. Added Bluetooth functionality allows the integration of proximity tags, wireless installation of GPIOs) and Bluetooth audio. Support for GPS / GLONASS / Beidou allows reliable and precise vehicle location even in the most challenging environments.

The EC-800 is a unique device that harnesses the power of multiple bearer technologies in order to provide mission critical voice and data. Not only can organisations maximise high speed mobile broadband for bandwidth rich Internet applications but also utilise voice and audio applications in order to keep workers safe and connected.


Features and Benefits

Designed for IoT

Designed for IoT

Our IoT solutions provide flexbility to build solutions that is specific to your industry, allows you to deploy and scale your solutions quickly, reduce down time and help integrate with other core business systems.

Edge computing

Edge Computing

Accelerate business outcomes with our edge computing solutions designed to deliver high levels of flexibility and enables organisations to move beyond traditional connectivty models creating a single unified integrated ecosystem.

High speed internet connectivity

High Speed Internet Connectivity

Velocity provides high performance Gigabit-Class LTE connectivity as well as Ethernet and Wi-Fi. Designed for fixed harsh environments or in vehicles which allows always on connectivity to mission critical users.


Powered by NodeRED

Control the behaviour and functions of Velocity by allowing users to create bespoke applications and features easily with NodeRED, a leading behaviour graphical programming tool. The application has the ability to control the LMR radio, external interfaces and functionality of the EC-800.

Extending netwotk with DMR over LTE

Extend your network

Your workers can take advantage of highly reliable Push to talk over cellular (PoC). The EC-830 has the intelligence to seamlessly pick the best transmission signal carrier to deliver crisp voice making the automatic roaming between LMR and LTE truly seamless and virtually unnoticed by the user.

Radio application via tablets and smartphones

Radio application via tablets or smartphones

The added option of mounting a tablet or smartphone enables simple, reliable and efficient integration of all connected technologies in an application well suited for vehicle environments.


Bluetooth connectivity

A number of wireless Bluetooth accessories such as remote speaker microphones and push to talk accessories can be be paired for clearer communications and ease of use.

Velocity Remote Manager

Velocity Remote Manager

Velocity Remote Manager (VRM) is a monitoring tool designed for organisations to keep a watch on their devices. Whether that is to gain an understanding on actionable insights from those devices to ensure the devices are performing effectively, VRM is a platform that enables you to work smarter.

Product Range

Velocity EC-810 Velocity EC-830
High speed Internet connectivity High speed Internet connectivity
Bluetooth connectivity Bluetooth connectivity
Radio application on tablets / smartphones Radio application on tablets / smartphones
Push to talk LMR over LTE Push to talk LMR over LTE
Push to talk LMR over LTE Customise using NodeRED
Velocity Remote Manager Velocity Remote Manager
  • Included
  • Not included



Support Packages

A range of support packages to meet your organisation's needs

Extended warranty

Extended Hardware Warranty

At Simoco we understand how important and critical network uptime is to your organisation. To protect your investment we have a range of extended hardware warranty options available.

Software support

Software Support and Feature Enhancements

Organisations will benefit from additional functionality and new feature enhancements further maximising the benefits of the Velocity device.

VRM support

VRM Client Access and Support

Using Velocity Remote Manager (VRM) will provide your organisation a way to configure and manage devices securely. Customers taking a VRM subscription will also be provided a level of support in using the tool.

Versatile to work in a range of sectors

The versatility and performance of Velocity products makes this a suitable mission critical device for a number of sectors. The below outlines some examples but not limited to potential use cases in different markets


Utilities and mining

  • Support for SCADA and Telemetry, last mile connectivity and legacy serial devices.
  • Ideal for monitoring and control of substation equipment, reducing costs and improving workflow.
  • Mining organisations can share location, real time imagery and videos in emergency scenarios.

Public Safety

Public Safety

  • Acts as a command and control communications hub with network connectivity back to branches.
  • Support for high bandwidth applications such as video streaming, data applications and more.
  • Multiple SIM cards – network redundancy


Transportation and CVIT

  • Offering an improved passenger experience is crucial; the EC-800 can offer Wi-Fi to your passengers and access to infotainment services.
  • The addition of telematics allows the collection of vehicle data to improve driver and traffic safety.



  • Exchange high bandwidth data with local, state and public safety databases securely. Turn real time data into actionable insights.
  • Providing central government and local councils in vehicle computing systems which cater for the increasing need of remote data services.


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