VR-950 Enterprise Mobile Data Router

The Velocity VR-950 is an enterprise resilient Mobile Data Router for next-generation smart vehicle communications solutions that require reliable connectivity and high availability in mission critical applications. Delivering high performance communications for demanding and mission-critical voice and data applications via multiple mobile networks, the Velocity VR-950 is intended for emergency services, public utilities and public transport users that require reliable communications across multiple radio networks for data and voice applications.

Features and Benefits

Five 9s

With room for up to four SIM cards on the VR-950 coupled with several bearers running in parallel we deliver 99.999% uptime or “Five 9s” reliability.

Vehicle power management

Vehicle Power Management

Designed for full operation in the challenging vehicle environment with, supply battery protection and no need for any ancillary vehicle power conditioning.

Parallel Bearer

Parallel Bearer

Having access to several bearers in parallel using InStream bonding ensures optimised mission-critical messaging with zero bearer switching delay to provide an ultra-reliable encrypted message service.

End to end security

End to end security

Adaptable Enterprise-class Router security features including AES-256 GCM encryption, secure boot and more.

Hardware support

Long Term Hardware Support

7-10 year manufacturer backed hardware and software support commitment, with modular upgrade option.

Integration into P25/TETRA terminals

Integration into P25, TETRA and Satellite

The VR-950 offers P25 and TETRA connectivity alongside mobile data features. Areas with little or no coverage can hook into satellite services such as Starlink and OneWeb.

Integration into apps

Integration into applications and devices

The beauty of the VR-950 is a two in one combined offering of mobile data routing and on board computing which allows applications to be run from the device.

Safety and regulatory compliant

Safety and regulatory compliant

Our devices meet the latest UK regulation 109/110 driver legislation.

Vehicle as a Node (VaaN)

In today’s interconnected world, a vehicle has evolved beyond a mere mode of transportation; it has become a node of multifaceted connectivity and information exchange. Simoco, at the forefront of technological innovation, seamlessly bridges the realms of cellular, Wi-Fi, satellite, mobile data terminals, vehicle power management, and telematics to create a holistic ecosystem that enhances vehicle functionality and performance. Through Simoco’s integrated solutions, vehicles can tap into the power of cellular networks for real-time communication, leverage Wi-Fi for high-speed data transfer, harness satellite technology for global coverage, utilise mobile data terminals for on-the-go connectivity, optimise power management to extend operational efficiency, and employ telematics for comprehensive data analysis. This convergence not only transforms vehicles into intelligent entities but also empowers businesses and individuals with unparalleled control and insight into their mobile assets, making the road ahead safer, more efficient, and smarter.