DMR Coverage Extender

DMR Coverage Extender (DCE) integrates with Simoco’s SDM600 series mobile radios in order to improve portable radio coverage while keeping users connected to either DMR conventional or trunked networks. Installed either in a car, emergency vehicle or other vehicles, DCE can extend your radio network when portable users are outside of your vehicle, inside of a building or in any marginal coverage area.


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  • Utilises 25W power of the mobile
  • Operates in DMR conventional or trunked systems
  • Direct mode / Simplex operation
  • Available in VHF / UHF frequency bands
  • Operates through a mobile radio control head (SDM630) or microphone control head (SDM622)
  • Extends all of the benefits of DMR to your portable radio device; including GPS, Man Down, Lone Worker and other core features
  • Provides the ability to map and locate assets on a dispatcher