SRB250 P25 Rapid Deployment Repeater

The Simoco SRB250 is a transportable rapid deployment repeater that is designed to provide radio coverage to a critical incident, emergency situation or extends existing Public Safety systems, either analogue or APCO Digital P25. It provides deployable “on demand” coverage for vehicle and portable radio users in VHF or UHF. It is an ideal solution to keep public safety and government agencies connected.

Frequency Bands: VHF:136–174MHz
Channel Stability: <1.5 ppm
Channel Bandwidth: 12.5 KHz
Zones/Channels: 40 Zones/1,500 Channels
Dimensions: 187h x 39w x 500d mm
Weight: 14 kg
Power Source: Internal batteries
Optional external battery box
Option external power supply
Internal Batteries: 1 or 2 LiFePo4 12.8 V DC 7.5 Ah
Internal Battery Life (90% Stby 10% Tx): 5 W Tx: 22 Hours
25 W Tx: 14 Hours
Internal Charger: Single battery: 90% charge <2hours
Dual battery: 90% charge <4 hours
(from fully discharged)
Conformance: AS4295, FCC, IC
Environmental Protection: IP55
Operating Temperature -20° C to +60° C operating
Duty Cycle: 25 W (lid open):
45 mins Tx, 15mins Stby @ 25° C
25 W (lid closed):
30 mins Tx, 30 mins Stby @ 25 °C
Hum and Noise: >40 dB
Modulation: C4FM
Transmitter Power: 3 levels programmable 1-25 W
Transmit Rise Time: <25 ms
Audio Output: 4 W @ <5% distortion
Blocking: >95 dB at +/-1 MHz
Hum and Noise: >40 dB
Intermodulation: >70 dB
Selectivity: >65 dB
Sensitivity: <0.3 μV for 5% BER
Insertion Loss: <1.5dB (typical)
Tx/Rx Split: VHF: 4.7-7 MHz
UHF: 5.2-10 MHz
Antenna Connector: Type N
  • Transparent P25 digital repeater
  • DES OFB and AES 256 Encryption (subject to export controls)
  • Encrypted repeat or local encrypt/decrypt in repeater
  • Ruggedised P25 repeater
  • Rapid deployment
  • P25 transparent repeat function, repeats encryption intact, regenerates P25 frames
  • LiFePO4 (LFP) batteries for lightweight endurance and optimum voltage for radio modules
  • Inbuilt duplexer
  • Simple deploy and repeat mode (single button, closed box)
  • High duty cycle operation with open lid, generously heat sinked power amplifier
  • 25 Watt transmit power
  • Battery state of charge LED indicators
  • Customisations available
  • Environmentally protected
  • -20 to +60 degrees operation

Optional Features

  • External battery pack in ruggedised case
  • Link radio for remote dispatcher
  • Case colours and custom labeling
  • Local microphone