What is secondary SCADA?

The increasing demands of smart grid systems means that data is now essential to a growing number of applications. Telemetry systems and the data they send is the key to providing greater automated control capabilities, advanced monitoring and greater reliability for utilities companies.

Secondary SCADA systems provide a more streamlined, lower level form of management than primary SCADA – one that nevertheless provides access to real-time measurement data for operational design-making. In turn, this provides utilities companies with the ability to detect and manage operational events, optimise processes, maximise outputs and improve the lifecycle of assets.

Our solutions

Simoco Wireless Solutions’ secondary SCADA offering uses our Simoco Pulse telemetry system. It provides utilities companies with a solution that replaces legacy SCADA systems and allows organisations that currently utilise a range of different technologies for telemetry communications (cellular, unlicensed radio and WLAN) to put a single infrastructure in place.

The Pulse network can also be used to deliver reliable voice communications, as well as acting as a gateway to the growing number of Internet of Things (IoT) devices found across the grid, resulting in smarter asset management through one unified network.

Our telemetry systems provide enhanced reliability, greater scalability, improved coverage, reduced operating costs and easier integration as a result of our Xd solution, a single, private network based on Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) technology.

The benefits of the Xd network include enhanced coverage across vast operational regions and the ability to quickly scale the solution to add tens of thousands of devices to the network. When compared to public cellular services, it delivers improved resistance, contention, security, group communications and performance.

Features / benefits

  • Reliability – our fully resilient, distributed architecture uses licensed frequencies for optimal reliability.
  • Scalability – the Simoco Xd infrastructure is fully scalable, designed for tens of thousands of devices.
  • Cost effective – low operating costs are achieved through CAPEX investment and consistent dependability.
  • Improved coverage – a wider range of coverage for the entire operational region keeps you constantly connected.
  • Ease of integration – RTUs can seamlessly share the system with voice and other data users.