Simoco’s telematics solutions are utterly bespoke, designed and installed to support the needs of organisations ranging from airports to power networks, warehousing and manufacturing organisations to public transport companies. Our technology supports a wide range of API capabilities and protocols, ensuring that it can be adapted to suit a wide variety of organisations. But whatever the final design, our aim is always to enable you to make tangible operational improvements – both immediate and long-term.

Services we can deliver as part of a telematics solution include:

  • Fleet and asset management, using a combination of GPS positioning antennas, simple sensors and radio frequency identification (RFID) devices embedded in vehicles.
  • Dynamic mapping, taking hundreds of attributes from fixed and moving assets and sources such as life traffic data, and translating it into a real-time map showing every asset’s location and movement.
  • Task management via clear and intuitive dashboards, enabling managers to view assets individually and in groups, sort them according to a range of factors, and manage operational tasks such as directing drivers in real-time.
  • Proactive intervention, alerting engineers and analysts as to when a machine or engine requires inspection, and enabling small problems to be fixed before they escalate.
  • Regulation and compliance fulfilment and audit trails – our solutions can be tailored to track legal and regulatory factors such as time spent driving or levels of air pollution, alerting managers as to when intervention is required, and collecting a clear audit trail for inspectors.
  • Comparative analytics, such as the behaviour of different drivers, enabling more tailored staff management and training.
  • Network resilience – we use roaming network sim cards and for customers either running or looking to run a Simoco Digital Mobile radio (DMR) network there is a failback network over a private radio network, making Simoco Telematics a unique telematics solution.